Scale Boat Meeting – 20/9/2020

Since the lockdown, we have been unable to host any events. However, the time has now arrived and we are hosting a Scale Boat meeting on Sunday, 20 September 2020 at the Kraaifontein Sport Complex (Kryfly) at the Small pond. The purpose of the meeting is to connect with boat enthusiasts and discuss the future […]

Construction started at the Port of Radiovia

Construction of the breakwater and harbour wall at the Port of Radiovia has commenced despite fears that the COVID-19  Shutdown would affect production. The Contractor, Wurray and Roberts Construction Ltd, said there is no reason why the lockdown would affect them, as the harbour is at a scale of 1:48 and this makes the SARS-COV-2 […]

Rescue Challenge

CapeWest will be launching a Rescue Challenge in April May to compensate members for events cancelled due to the Covid-19 crisis. The Rescue Challenge promises to be a lot of fun, and anyone with a Tug boat or Rescue boat can participate. The Challenge. Four Tugs/ Rescue Boats will participate in each challenge. Each Tug […]

CapeWest’s dignity saved by the Corona Virus

The annoucement by President Cyril Ramaphosa that all events with 100 or more attendees must be suspended may have been bad news for some organisers, but for CapeWest it was a blessing in disguise. The Club was able to save face with sponsors and minimise it’s losses without having to inform sponsors that the modellers […]

CapeWest moves away from plastic membership cards

Whether you have a plastic membership card or a laminated paper card, you will never need one as a CapeWest Club Member. We are testing a new platform and will be issuing digital cards to all members, sponsors and friends of the club during the test phase. But there is more to the digital card […]

Why we use Telegram and not Whatsapp

Since November 2019, this website has been linked to a Channel on Telegram. Many people and clubs use whatsapp groups to communicate with members. Why do we not do the same? Firstly, Telegram allows for “channels” where whatsapp does not have this feature. A Channel is different from a group in the sense that you […]

National Model Powerboat Handicap

CapeWest will most likely be the only club in the Western Cape allowed to participate in the National Model Powerboat Handicap for electric speedboats. This was the decision of the organisers of the Handicap who is in process to select three clubs to participate in the first annual championship in SA. The National Handicap will...

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Vessel Safety Surveys

Scale Boats operating under the CapeWest flag must have a safety certificate issued by a Club Surveyor. (This is not just for fun). When joining CapeWest, your ship or boat will be surveyed to ensure the following: The vessel is fitted with flotation material to prevent it from sinking, The noise emitted from the vessel […]

Understanding the CapeWest “ranking” process

Regardless of your age or experience in RC boating, when you join CapeWest as a member, you start at the bottom of our ranking system. This is by no means a reflection on your abilities, but an incentive scheme designed to ensure participation in all Club activities. Ranking events are ticket based. You need a […]

CapeWest sets up support system for local Hobby Shops

The important role of our local hobby shops cannot be underestimated. These are the people who rely on RC boat owners for their support, but it is a “Catch 22” for both the buyer and seller of RC boats, parts and accessories. The RC fraternity is too small to sustain the local hobby shops and […]

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