Another hard decision for RC Boating in the Western Cape

It’s been an up and down process in the last month, and organising a major event takes a lot of effort. A week ago, the sponsors of MBC Magazine pulled out and resulted in the magazine closing shop. This week, another hard decision is on the cards. This time, the decision on the R175 000 […]

Reader comments on MBC Magazine shutdown announcement

The recent announcement that the Model Boat Club Magazine has shutdown was a disappointment for many readers of the magazine, who actually enjoyed it. Here are some comments: “Taking on what you did was very challenging and commendable, your initiative and the results are reflected in most clubs around SA where the willing horse gets […]

Membership now fully online!

CapeWest has now fully integrated its membership application process and all transactions will happen online. There currently are two membership levels available, each allowing access to certain parts of this website. We invite you to join our club for only R35 per month by selecting the Officer’s Mess Membership. If you don’t own a model […]

Construction of the RV Moerindam – Part 1

When two model builders decide to do something unique, the results can be rather surprizing. This was the case when Colin Rudert and Rudy Maritz, responded to a “boat for sale” advertisement on facebook. The Tug was originally built about 30 years ago and last saw water in 2004. The owner decided to sell it...

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