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CapeWest was founded on 2 February 2020, by Rudy Maritz, after he resigned as a member of the Western Cape Model Boat Club.

It wasn’t a hap-hazard decision. For a long time, his requests to consider using alternative Sail-days for events other than yacht races yielded no response. There are things like Warships, Tall Ships, Scratch build models, and having an event for these members once or twice a year, was not fair as everyone paid the same fees.

This all lead to frustration, and finally, adopting a no-confidence view, the CapeWest Model Boat Club was born.

At CapeWest, we do not follow the same structure as other model boat clubs in South Africa. Instead, we function purely on a participation-based model and we reward our members for being actively involved in the hobby.

Afterall, it’s about the hobby; not the “committee decided”.

Here is how it works at CapeWest.

Join the Officer’s Mess and pay R35 per month. The more events you attend, the higher you move up the ranks until you reach the point where you can join the management team of the Club.

This option gives you access to all our venues, including the Green Point Urban Park from 1 July 2020.

What interest you?

We want to accommodate everyone, but it is not always possible as people have diverse interests. For this reason we have grouped our activities into Sections, and each Section caters for a specific interest.

Our Chapters are operated as independent clubs, with their own Constitution, in six regions in the province and are affiliated with CapeWest’s Cape Town Chapter.

Some Fun stuff

We don’t stop playing because we grow old. We grow old because we stopped playing.” George Bernard Shaw.

At CapeWest, the young and the young-at-heart join in the fun and play to our heart’s content.

Go to Static Model Builders if you are not doing Radio Sailing.

For RC models and yachts, continue reading….

The CapeWest Fleet Structure

We are dealing with ships, boats, submarines etc, and since the days of Hammurabi, 1754BC, there were rules related to maritime affairs.

At CapeWest we follow the ranking system of the SA Navy used up to 1996. (The rank of Commodore changed in 1997 to Rear Admiral Junior Grade, which is just unnecessarily long-winded.)

You therefore join CapeWest as a Seaman Recruit.

For every Ranking event you attend, you are promoted to the next rank.

For every ranking event you miss, your next promotion is stayed until you attend an event again.

Building your rank

As mentioned, you start at Seaman Recruit.

  1. After attending 2 events, you enter the Enlisted Ranks.
  2. After 6 events you move to the Warrant Officers group.
  3. After 5 events you move to the Flag Officers group.
  4. There are 11 events to get to the rank of Admiral.

And here the fun starts…

There can only be one Admiral. Will it be you?

You can join the Officer’s Mess for  R35 per month.

Click here to apply for membership.

Don’t trust the internet?

Pay for the year via EFT:

Our banking details:

CapeWest MBC

Capitec Bank Account Number: 1576971846

Branch Code 470010

Reference: MBC 2020 & your name

Annual Membership fee for 2020 is: R480

Learn more about Ranks and the benefits of “the Officers Mess”. Click here.

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