Professional Events Team

CapeWest is looking for RC skippers and pilots to join their Events Team on contract.

The terms of the contract will provide for disbursements of costs incurred during events organised by the MBC Magazine in the Western Cape.

Contracts will only be entered in with skippers and pilots that have scale mode boats available.

This includes:

  • Scale model yachts
  • Scale model Sailing boats, from the Days of Sail, such as square riggers, gaff rigged boats, two mast boats etc.
  • Steam boats,
  • Warships & Naval boats,
  • Merchant Vessels, Fishing vessels and trawlers etc,
  • Custom built models like rubber ducks, motor ferries, etc,
  • Scenic models like floating harbours, jetties etc.

The standard terms of contract will reimburse cost for fuel, toll fees, entry & gate fees, and in certain cases also accommodation.

If you are interested in joining the Events Team, please contact us for an interview.

Contracts are only available to Club members.


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