Radio Controlled Speed boats

From Deep V mono hulls to catamaran ocean racers, this is where the adrenaline is pumped from the deepest parts of your bilge.

The CapeWest Speed Boat Club caters for electric speed boats with internal, semi-outboard or outboard motors.

We are not catering for “Gas boats’.

Speed Boat Racing Rules

Principal rules

The Principal Rules apply to all CapeWest organised and/or sanctioned events, regardless of venue.

The principal rules are found here.

Race Entry fees

Race entry fee will be determined by CapeWest annually and published here.

Entry fees per race is R50 excluding boat rental (if required).

Protest fees

Where a race result is protested, the person raising the protest must pay the protest fee of R200 in cash to the Race Director, who shall investigate the nature of the protest. If the Race Director finds the protest is valid, the protest fee will be refunded at the discretion of the Race Director taking into account the time spent on resolving the protest. See “causes for valid protests” here.

Categories & Classes of boats and Numbering

There are three categories, each having three classes based on size of the boat in length, measured from the bow to the end of the hull or transom.

Category 1 – All RTR Speed Boats e.g. Exhobby, WLToys, Traxxas, Pro Boat etc.

Category 2 – All Home Built Speed Boats with Wooden Hulls and Bulk Heads (May be covered with Resin)

Category 3 – All Home Built Speed Boats with ABS / Glass fibre Hulls.

  • Class 1 – not longer than 45cm
  • Class 2 – not longer than 1 meter but excluding Class 1
  • Class 3 – longer than 1 meter / 39″

Numbering of Speed Boats will be prefixed by the Category followed by the Class of boat followed by a Dash and a non-repeating participant number.

For example:

Peter Pan as a 60cm wooden speedboat. It is therefor in Category 2 and in Class 2. Peter Pan will carry the number of 22-01 as the first competitor registered.

Joe Soap has a 1,2 meter Self-built Ocean racer built from ABS. His number will be 33-02

Mary Christmas has a 23 cm ExHobby speed boat. Her number will be 11-03

Pilot registration

Speedboat pilots competing in races need to register on Webscorer, where all the official results will be recorded.

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