Ranks within the CapeWest Model Boat Fleet

The Officer’s Mess

As a Seaman Recruit, you are officially a member of the CapeWest Model Boat Club and may attend any event at any chapter.

If you are an active sailor, and want to sail your model as often as you can, then the Officer’s Mess is the way to go.

Qualifying for the Officer’s Mess – Attend any 2 events to become an Able Seaman.

To move up the ranks, you need to attend Ranking Events. Open Events do not qualify for Ranking.

All Ranking Events are indicated on our Events Calendar in RED.

As an Able Seaman, you will be issued with a username and password to access the Ranking Events and other content on this website that is not available to the public.

After your first Ranking Event, you will receive your Membership Card. You are now officially “Enlisted” into the Officer’s Mess.

Your career path in the CapeWest Fleet.

  1. Leading seaman – You will receive your Name Badge with this rank.
  2. Petty officer – Your vessel will from now on feature in our Gallery.
  3. Chief Petty Officer – Your vessel will from now on be added to our YouTube Channel.
  4. Warrant Officer class 2 – You will receive a Branded T-Shirt when reaching this rank.
  5. Warrant officer class 1 – When you reach this rank, you need to invite two new members before you can be promoted. The new members can join any chapter.

Once you passed level 5, you can become a Warrant Officer with more benefits. – Click here.

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