Rent a Yacht

CapeWest offers a rental service to interested persons who wants to try out radio sailing before investing in the sport.

1 meter yachts are available for rent to any person who wants to give it a go.

2020 Rental rates:

  • 10 minutes: R20
  • 30 Minutes: R50
  • 1 hour: R75

The following RC Sail yachts are available:

  • Joysway Focus 2 – 1 meter
  • Hurricane – 1 meter
  • Thunder Tiger Victoria – 800mm

Sponsor a yacht – earn the rent

If you want a low-cost investment with a 4% monthly return, feel free to sponsor a Hurricane for only R4 000.

Your yacht will be placed in the rental pool.

We provide the on-going maintenance of your yacht.

Here are some highlights of the rental agreement.

  1. You will be paid 80% of the rental income, 
  2. You may sell the yacht at any time to any person, 
  3. CapeWest will maintain the yacht, sails, rigging, radio systems and batteries and provide safe storage thereof.
  4. The minimum rental income is guaranteed at R50 per month for the duration of the rental use.

Buy a Yacht for R4 000 and earn the rental income.


Please keep a copy of the rental agreement which you can download after payment.

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