Rescue Challenge

CapeWest will be launching a Rescue Challenge in April May to compensate members for events cancelled due to the Covid-19 crisis.

The Rescue Challenge promises to be a lot of fun, and anyone with a Tug boat or Rescue boat can participate.

The Challenge.

  • Four Tugs/ Rescue Boats will participate in each challenge.
  • Each Tug will have a Vessel under Duress to assist by bringing it to the harbour before it runs aground.
  • The Rescue must be completed in 10 minutes.
  • The Tug with the shortest time to port will be the winner.
  • The Winner’s time record will remain standing until beaten.

Each participant will launch a SOS Boat and allow it to float away for 20 seconds. The tug will then proceed to intercept the SOS Boat and guide it into the harbour. Rescue can be done by any means. Pushing or pulling.

The difficulty of the challenge lies in the design of the SOS Boats. Here are some “features”:

  • They are 1 meter in length,
  • They don’t have a keel or rudder, but a flat hull,
  • They don’t have rc fitted,
  • They leak water and will gain weight over time.
  • They won’t sink.

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